Sunday, 26 September 2010

Another Day, Another dollar

Finished work today and decided to hit the Gym, pumped myself 170kg on Squats but only 75kg on bicep curls, man I need to work my arms some more! Also I need to work on my chest, shit looks flabby!

Anyway, todays technology news:

"Last we heard about The Hobbit, Guillermo Del Toro dropped out, Peter Jackson was unofficially directing and secretly auditioning actors, the movie had yet to be green-lit, and Ian McKellen was getting super-antsy about the whole thing and threatening not to play Gandalf. This shouldn't help the long-gestating movie happen any quicker: Actors guilds including SAG issued actual alerts yesterday against working on any of the Hobbit films, advising their members not to take parts in the non-union production, should they be offered them."

Yeah I know it's technically fantasy and not technology, however Fantasy always trumps SCIENCE!


  1. I really hope the Hobbit gets made in my lifetime, thanks for the update